Lost Password Request Form

Statement:  It is not the responsibility of TurboStats Software to maintain passwords for our users.  The password is sold along with the product and is the responsibility of the owner of the software.  Our password generation programs work with the latest versions of the software only.

Question: The program will not accept my password and has a different serial number than the one on my card ?  

  1. Install the program again from the disk and start it using the Start > Programs > TurboStats menu.  Do not drag the icon to the desktop because it can change the directory of the application.  Use the instructions in the back of the manual to make an icon on the desktop.
  2. If you downloaded an upgrade to another version then you must order the upgrade from the online order form  and you can download the latest version right away. Upgrades to the next version are not free. Patch updates for your current release are free. This form is for ordering passwords for your current release because you lost it.






What version are you running ?

Note:  If your version is not listed here then you must upgrade your software to the current release to receive a new password.  We can no longer create passwords for older versions of Baseball/Softball 12.0 or earlier; Basketball 7.0 or earlier; and Football 5.0 or earlier.  We must continue to move forward with our products and support the latest operating systems.  If you lost both your TurboStats and ScoreKeeper passwords you will only be billed once.

Serial Number: YOU MUST INCLUDE THIS 14 DIGIT NUMBER to receive your password

Please enter the 14 digit serial number on your program under  Help > About


There is a $5 service charge to process your lost password request to cover the time it takes a support technician to process the request.

Method of Payment:  Must be a credit card.  We do not accept school PO's for lost passwords. Only upgrades and new orders.

Credit Card Type
Credit Card Number

please don't include "-" 's

Exp. Date:

Notes :

YOUR PASSWORD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU IN 1 DAY or LESS provided you qualify and have answered all the questions above correctly.


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