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  • Option 1: Gamecasting and Streaming costs are covered in the monthly license fee.
  • Option 2: *Gamecasting and Streaming costs are included when you sign up for PPV .
  • Option 3: Gamecasting and Streaming costs are covered by an annual fee per team.
  • Monthly Plans require a 2 month minimum commitment and a licensed copy of TurboStats.
  • Streaming Plans include API access for creating, starting and stopping streams
  • YouTube streaming is free with a Gamecast license but limited by YouTube to 5 streams/day.
  • Plans are for one team. For large events, leagues, college and pro rates, call 973-404-0048.
  • PPV normally covers all the streaming bandwith costs, however, additional charges may apply on streaming plans if PPV sales do not cover monthly storage and bandwidth fees.
  • TurboStats is not liable for any copyright infringement or any damages from your livestreams.
  • Call for PPV percentage split which is based on monthly volume. On average our clients charge about $7.99 per game or $19.95 per monthly subscription for an average monthly streaming income of about $500. This is not a guarantee. Results will vary based on content, streaming quality and your marketing. You can even place your own video ads in OBS.

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Example: Eastside High School or Southeast Conference

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If you are with the ABA, your channel is your conference name. Example

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OTT channel requires a monthly streaming plan

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Cameras require a monthly streaming plan

For hardware orders, $20 has been added for shipping to the Total Order Price. Sales tax will be added for NJ Residents only.


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Livestreaming Terms and Conditions

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* Team Gamecasting pricing is for small audiences of less than 100 active viewers. For larger audiences call for pricing.

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