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Gamecasting and Streaming

Sample Gamecasting Page

Gamecasting server fees and bandwidth are covered in the monthly license cost.

Monthly plans require a 2 month minimum and a licensed copy of TurboStats.

Streaming Plans include API access for creating, starting and stopping streams, except for YouTube streaming which is free with a Gamecast license.

Plans are for one team. For large events, leagues, college and pro rates, please call 973-404-0048.

PPV normally covers all the streaming bandwith costs, however, additional charges may apply on streaming plans if PPV sales do not cover monthly storage and bandwidth fees.

TurboStats is not liable for any copyright infringement or any damages from your livestreams.

Call for PPV percentage split which is based on monthly volume. On average our clients charge about $7.99 per game or $19.95/MO and get 10-20 viewers which more than covers the monthly Gamecast and streaming costs (with an average split of 30%-70%). This is not a guarantee. Your results will be based on your content, streaming quality and your own marketing.

Sample ABA Streaming Site

Live Streaming Tutorial

Team or Channel Name

Example: Eastside High School or Southeast Conference

Sample Team Site

If you are with the ABA, your channel is your conference name. Example

Add OTT Channel

OTT channel requires a monthly streaming plan

Add Camera or Tablet

Cameras require a monthly streaming plan

For hardware orders, $20 has been added for shipping to the Total Order Price. Sales tax will be added for NJ Residents only.


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Livestreaming Terms and Conditions

* Team Gamecasting pricing is for small audiences of less than 50 active viewers. For larger audiences call for pricing.

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